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What should I expect from a good cup of coffee?

We believe that an ideal cup of coffee is one in which you can appreciate the different flavor notes and variations.  


What is a flavor note?

Different types of coffees will have  their own individual flavors.  Each one can elicit its own unique experience.  Some examples of flavor notes in our coffee beans are;  rose petal, vanilla, stone fruit, dark chocolate, pear, honey, orange, almond, sugar cookie, strawberry, lemon, and florals.


What Is the difference between whole bean and pre-ground coffee?

We recommend using  whole bean coffee.  The reasoning behind this is when you  use pre-ground coffee you are losing flavor from oils that would otherwise be trapped inside the beans. Once those oils are exposed to air they begin to oxidize, losing their moisture and aroma, usually up to 60%  within 15 minutes.  Thus, if you want to fully appreciate the specific flavor notes of your coffee, a fresh grind before brewing is paramount. 


What sets brew methods apart?

  • Pour Over - The pour over method might remind you of a regular household coffee pot brewing concept, or drip coffee.  The pour over brewing process involves pouring hot water through coffee grounds and filter.  The water drains through the coffee and filter into a carafe or mug.  This method helps bring out the rich flavor notes in the coffee.  
  • French Press - The French press, or plunger pot, is a brew method invented in France in the mid-1800's.  It involves putting coffee grounds in the bottom of the press pot, pouring hot water (not quite boiling, usually around 200F) and letting it steep like tea for 3-4 minutes.  Once this is done, you press the coffee gently through the water toward the bottom of the press, using a filter which blocks the coffee grounds from remaining in your coffee.
  • Aeropress - The Aeropress is a unique brewing method.  It is the only non-espresso brewing device that allows the user to alter all the variables that are necessary for good coffee making.  These variables are; time, temperature,pressure, water volume, ground coffee quantity, and the ratio between the two.


Will you you be adding more coffee products and merchandise to your website?


Yes, we will be adding more extraordinary coffees and exciting merchandise  to our inventory in the near future.  





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