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50% OFF! Autumn Blend 2021

50% OFF! Autumn Blend 2021

50% OFF! Autumn Blend 2021

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Tasting Notes: Apple Cider, Cloves, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar

Picture yourself inside on a chilly autumn evening, warming up by the fireplace with your favorite blanket, slippers, and a cup of Autumn Blend to perfect this time of relaxation.  Relax and immerse yourself in the delectable tasting notes of Apple Cider, Cloves, Cinnamon, and Brown Sugar.

In case you're wondering, we don't add any flavors to our coffees.  The subtle tasting notes you'll find in our specialty coffees are all natural.  Like in wines and fine artisan cheeses, you will at first taste excellent, well balanced coffee, then subtle tasting notes in the finish.  These flavors develop mainly when the coffee is grown.  We carefully select only the best coffee and expertly blend the natural subtle flavors to create a masterpiece coffee blend that everyone will like.

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