Higher Grounds Coffee

When I was 13, I made my first shot of espresso on my brother's espresso machine. I immediately fell in love and started making it more often. I became quite passionate about coffee in general and the science behind an exceptional cup of coffee. I had one problem to solve - I had no control over the quality and freshness of the coffee beans I was buying, and I knew most people were in the same boat. About this time, I read an article on coffee roasting and decided to give it a try. I was so ecstatic with my new results that I started giving and selling my top quality coffees to family, friends, and all sorts of connections.

Our company's commitment is to provide the freshest and best tasting coffee possible. As a faith-based company, we are also committed to Christ and we strive to honor Him in everything we do. To give you more control over coffee, you may select custom available bag sizes, roast levels, and whether you'd like
whole bean coffee or a variation of fresh ground coffee. We truly appreciate you and your patronage, from shopping on our website, ordering subscriptions, coming to the coffee trailer, and enjoying fresh, local Higher Grounds Coffee in your home with family and friends.

Noah Parenteau, Founder