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When I was 13, I made my first shot of espresso on my brother's espresso machine. I immediately fell in love and started making it more often. I became quite passionate about coffee in general and the science behind an exceptional cup of coffee. I had one problem to solve - I had no control over the quality and freshness of the coffee beans I was buying, and I knew most people were in the same boat. About this time, I read an article on coffee roasting and decided to give it a try. I was so ecstatic with my new results that I started giving and selling my top-quality coffees to family, friends, and all sorts of connections.

If you want to discover our unique flavor combinations for yourself, order from our coffee roasting company today. We recommend starting with our bestselling Acadia Blend or Legacy Bundle.

We won't settle for anything less than excellent

At our coffee roasting company, we focus on freshness and natural bold flavors (No flavors added. Ever).
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Colombia Bucaramanga Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

Organic Dominican Republic Jarabacoa

Acadia Blend

Holiday Blend

Summit Blend

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or just getting used to the idea of coffee itself, we've got you covered!

You may choose between light, medium, or dark roast - whatever you're most comfortable with or would or would like to try. Can't decide which coffees to get? Order our bestselling Legacy Bundle - we'll include four different coffees for you to try!

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Our promise to you

Our local coffee company ships every order within 24 hours of roasting, so you can always count on fresh, bold flavors. If you want to introduce our coffee to your friends, hire us for coffee catering services. We'll bring our coffee truck to your next event.

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